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AMP Coper Crimping Tool For RJ-45 And RJ-11
Copper Crimping Tool
The tools form an essential ingredient for any kit that is required by service personnel. The structured cabling system lays stress on following the practices which will add elegance, discipline, method and reliability to cabling. The tools which are used in installation of a cabling system go a long way in and can sustain extensive use in the field. Modular Crimping Tool can be used to crimp RJ-45 and RJ-11 types of connectors. It is a highly compact and rugged tool and is meant for continuous use in the field. The parallel action design maintains accurate.
Key Features:
Termination suitable for 8P, 6P, 4P connectors
Equipped 8 P RJ-45, 6P RJ-12 & RJ- 11 connectors
Exceptional material properties & design
Sure lock blade holder.
RoHS Compliant
EIA/TIA 568 A/ B
Technical Specification
Material : 7.5 inch steel construction body Suitable for 22 – 26 AWG wires Ratchet Mechanism
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No. Rek : 1555794333794
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No. Rek : 1555794333794
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